Milkcow Ice Cream Parlour

Milkcow cafe specialises in organic homemade soft serve ice cream and a good effort to make it much healthier with 20 different toppings like natural honey comb, dates, sunflower seeds and almond flakes to name a few.
For me visiting milkcow was a great experience as we added a little twirl to the normal plan for our weekend.
We decided to avoid traffic and choose tram from knowledge village to JBR-1 station, from where the cafe is approximately 500 mtrs.
When we reached the cafe, it was nearly empty and the barista welcomed us with a happy face and since it was our first visit he explained us their concept, which was a pleasant gesture.

I was real attracted to honey comb and the candy floss.
The attendant suggested us to try Snow Drop (M4) and Arabian Dates (M14) but I was only aiming for natural honey comb with candy floss.. I know I sound like a school kid but I don’t regret my choice.
My husband proceeded with the Arabian Dates as suggested by the waiter.
I ordered Milky cube (M3) with floss for which I had to pay extra AED 7.

Candy floss is my all time favorite and I had never tried it with an ice cream.
The atmosphere is warm and cozy with high roof and main attraction is the cow mannequin and the chalkboard wall.
The cafe is brightly illuminated and has a couple of chairs and tablets. The setting is made is simple yet refined.
Within 5 mins we got our ice creams but mine arrived with a tiny fly in the floss.
I went back and exhibited it to the attendant and he instantly apologized and asked me to wait for sometime while he started to prepare the floss again, this time big and more fluffy. I thanked the fly for that.
Milky cube was good but Arabian dates was excellent.
The measure for the price is less but it’s apt for where they stand. We desired to try the cakes and swissrolls  but decided to order later so that we will know the taste of each item we tried.
By the time we finished our ice creams, we had sugar shocks and decided to visit some other day to sample the cakes.

My only suggestion is to cut down the sweetness in the ice cream to make the toppings do their work.
Well, nevertheless I enjoyed my ice cream and I will certainly go back to try more.

Happy eating 🙂




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