Logma- Delicious bites

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city which brings in great dining experiences to every nationality when it comes to F&B. Though Dubai has borrowed cuisines from all over the world, it still holds its roots to the authentic Emarati cuisine, providing expats and travelers to experience the local culture. Having lived n Dubai for quite sometime now, I have never had the opportunity to try the local cuisine or rather say it this way that I never knew that Dubai could bring the local cuisine on my veggie plates.

Logma means Bites. For most us who have visited this restaurant know how delicious each bite is. For those who haven’t been to Logma yet, dont miss out on a great meal.

On one such veggie experimental day, I headed to Logma, serving Emarati food in Box Park. Hus and I knocked their doors at around 2 pm and the restaurant was jam packed. In a bit we found a table and their kind staff approached us with the menu.

Since we didnt know much about their food, we asked Ms. Rea, who was attending our table. She suggested us the Lentil Soup topped with parsley, Samboosa Cheese, Logma Fries, Falafel Salad for starters. For drinks, I had heard a lot about Atlantis so went with that and hus tried Passion of Arabia.

Dal soup was perfectly made and has a velvety texture, sprinkled with parsley and a dash of lemon was the best way to start off.

Cheese Samboosa was my favorite and will remain be my favorite forever. I can properly never get bored of this triangles.  Crispy outer layer sprinkled with sumac covering the piping hot yummy cream cheese and oman chips was a feast to my taste buds. Doesn’t need any dip or chutney to enhance the taste. I highly recommend this sin.

Logma Fries were made well, spiced with Khaleej spices and fried herbs. Delightful, crispy and addictive.

Falafel Salad came with four inviting Falafels drizzled with tihani sauce, fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, rocca, topped with pomegranate pearls, tossed in Lemon-vinaigrette salad dressing. Loved this piquant, absolute healthy salad with the delish falafel, every bite.

Since the summer has begun now, hydrating oneself is essential. At Logma, they offer a wide range of drink to quinch your thirst. My personal favorite is Atlantis, which is made from lychee, passion fruit, mint and lime. The best for summer. The Passion of Arabia was a mix of Passion fruit and pineapple was luscious and the passion fruit seeds added more to the relish.

We were almost full by now, the quantity is decent for two. We ordered for Grilled Cheese Khameer sandwich, which is stuffed with mozzarella,  parmesan, gruyere, cream cheese mixed with fresh mint.


By now we were chock-full, no space left for sweet course but who would want to end meals without a sweet note? so we ordered their chebab katayef, which is filled with mascarpone cheese ad dates covered with a crunchy layer of chebab pankcake, drizzled with saffron cardamom syrup served with a toothsome scoop of vanilla ice cream. Divine and heavenly. Crispy layer, soft cheese, cold ice cream, saffron syrup and dates…!! Dreamy..


Ultimately, Logma can never disappoint anyone who walks in, when it comes to food, service or the atmosphere. Thank you Logma.

Happy eating 🙂


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