Farzi Cafe

Farzi- true to its name; creating illusions on the dining table..Once in a while, just break the norm and try something different from the usual, go to Farzi. This place serves Indian food with a twist and some drama- Farzi’s USP. They incorporate different cuisines like middle eastern, Italian, etc., yet serving Indian food.
Dining in at Farzi will make one wonder how someone can serve a simple daal chawal and papad in the form of a starter. Well, it doesn’t stop there.
Don’t judge the place with daal chawal papads.
Every dish that reaches your dining table will surprise you with a twist or drama. The unique way of presenting their food is a festival to every foodie, their dishes and the molecular gastronomy play the major role.
The ambiance is warm and rustic. The happy faces around you will sit with you to know your tastes and preferences.

For me, any restaurant I go to, much for the food, how the restaurant treats their guests is equally important.
Ok now enough of the hypes.. worth it though!!
I had seen a lot of people writing reviews and posting pics but the most eye catching thing that let me decide to give Farzi a try was the molecular gastronomy in most of the pics. I mean as a photographer, it’s a treat.
I went with my husband for brunch and luckily I was there at the right time, they had just then opened the doors. Greeted with a bright smile, we were asked to occupy a table of our choice. We received big menu books and I only flicked through the pages. I had my own plans you know!! I asked them to surprise me with their signature dishes and trust me it was worth the decision I took. I was waiting for the smoke and drama so that I too will have the best time clicking pictures.


-Amuse Bouche- mishti doi bursts in mouth as soon as you pop them in.


-We were served Dal chawal Arancini- looks like cheese balls but stuffed with dal chawal in the papas crisp shells placed on the tomato sauce.
-Tandoori wild mushrooms with walnut & garlic crumbs, truffle haze is the drama queen dish which lets you craving for more. Must try dish.
I don’t exactly remember now the name of this dish we tried but it looked like gol guppe, the puris were made out of pizza dough and stuffed with quinoa, served along with potato chaat, beetroot crisps and mint pani and chaas. Beetroot crisps is the highlight here while the chaas reminded me of my childhood summer holidays.
For mains:

-Khao suey is the coconut based curry with loaded mix veggies served with rice and crisps. For me this was a little let down compared to all the dishes I tired (varied taste preferences)

-Shiitake sliders is the centre of attraction on the table since the sliders come in army toy truck and the taste was outstanding.

-Aubergine mouska is basically baingan bartha which was excellent. A must try veg entrée.


-Ras malai tres leches, carrot cream with rose petal net is a mild, rich and had creamy texture which just melts away, while rose petal net has its own uniqueness.

-Jalebi caviar has a whole lot of fun and it’s my favorite. Looked more like crispy moti laddu yet tasted like jalebi. It left me craving for some more and trust me it’s worth the try. I am usually not a fan of jalebi but this is heavenly.

-Karak chai soda, a must must try.


-Ananas orbits or in common terms Pina colada with veg caviar is truly a refreshing drink.
-Irish haze is a mild coffee topped with vanilla cream and my husband who hates coffee loved it this time. I loved the way it was presented to us.
-Bootlegger was, I guess, the combination of sparkling water, pomegranate pearls and strawberry. For my taste buds it was a little strong but I loved the pomegranates with the drink.
The staff is friendly, attentive and polite, especially Aditya, Mayank, Shadbad, Nazik and definitely Shivankit who was our foodie guide. Thanks to the chefs for taking time to reach out to us asking if we have enjoyed the food and giving us the details about how they came up with each dish on their menu, even though they were really busy.

I am definitely going back and try their other dishes.

Happy eating 🙂


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