Prax’s..! Hot on Taste, BIG on Flavor.

Its funny, no matter how old we grow and many times we remind ourselves that we are grown ups; when we see neon colors, we shed our masks and become a child again. This is exactly what happened with me when I was at Prax’s for dinner recently.

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Prax’s is inspired by the City of Shanghai, for its skyscrapers, neon lights, sizzles of woks on the streets at night. Here in Barsha Heights, its evident that the restaurant carry the same vibes inspired by Shanghai.

We were welcomed by Andre,  the manager for this branch, a cheerful man, with a warm smile on his face. Not just him but the entire team is cheerful and enthusiastic.

Prax’s serve Chinese and Thai in cute, neon highlighted take-away boxes that looks small, contain decent portion of food. Their chef-chosen menu is flexible, as in, they make slight change in their sauces and meets everyone’s preferences, not giving a chance to their customers go unhappy, letting them choose what they want and the staff in neon colored clothes are happy to prepare it.

Hubby and I being vegetarians, I was little doubtful about finding anything to eat but bingo! guess who came up with lots of suggestions? Of course, Andre! He suggested us to try Jasmine rice in Chilli Basil sauce and let me choose my toppings, I chose baby corn, mixed peppers and carrot, and fried garlic garnish.


My partner chose to take Soba noodles in black pepper sauce with broccoli, mushroom and red onions garnished with spring onions.


While we waited for these neon colored boxes to come, we were served with their veg starters- Spring rolls and Veg Har Gow. Even these came in take away boxes and in 3 piece portion.

Spring rolls were crispy and the fillings were tasty and went well with the chilli garlic dip.

My favorite was the Veg Har Gow, a traditional Cantonese dumpling served in dim sum, was made to crave for more, served hot with chilli garlic chutney.

Interestingly, Prax’s has different colors indicating their food to respective categories, like for veg they use green and for chicken they use yellow, so on. Amazing, right?

Without having to wait for long, we were brought our neon boxes filled with jasmine rice in chilli basil sauce and soba noodles in black pepper sauce.

Jasmine rice in Chilli basil sauce was flavorsome, spiced aptly and came in generous portion. I loved how the fried garlic added extra flavor to it and the vegetables were crunchy, perfectly blending with the sauce and rice.

Soba noodles was scrumptious in black pepper sauce with broccolli, red onions, mushrooms, topped with fresh spring onions. This was made to perfection and again comes in ample portions.

Hubby and I shared the rice and noodles, filled us full and there was still left in our boxes. Before we could finish, Andre came with two bowls of dessert, one was date caramel and the other was coconut ginger.


Date and caramel was delish, sweetness not over-powering and caramel chunks were a feast to taste buds. I was a little dubious about coconut ginger since I had no idea what the combination tastes like, but trust me, this was incomparably toothsome. For sure I will ask for coconut ginger every time I visit Prax’s. We couldn’t finish our desserts so brought them home to satiate our mid-night cravings.

Staff are real good and very friendly, pay attention to details and suggests well. Prax’s has its other branch in Jumeirah Beach Road, Near Marcatto Mall. I shall definitely visit this branch soon to their rest of the dishes on their menu.


AED 105 for two people (approx.)


Ground Floor, 1 Rise Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai

Phone number: 80077297


Home Delivery

Outdoor Seating

Kid Friendly



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