Peshwa, Maharashtrian Culinary Journey.

Maharashtra is a state in the western region of India and is India’s third-largest state by area. Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay is the capital of the state, while Pune is the knowledge hub. Maharashtra is not just known for the business and work potential but is as well known for its authenticity when it comes to traditions, customs and food.

Maharashtrian food usually ranges between mildly spicy to very spicy dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, vegetables, lentils and fruit form staple food of the Maharashtrian diet. Maharashtrian cuisine has many regional varieties like Kolhapuri,  Malvani and Varadhi to name a few.

Imagine, if Maharashtra’s food and culture is brought into Dubai in the form of a restaurant. Peshwa, is what it’s called. The owner of Peshwa, Mr. Sachin Joshi is a enthusiastic man who strives to stick to his roots. He is zealous towards making Peshwa a Maharashtrian cultural hub in UAE through food. There is a Marathi library in his restaurant,  wherein he lets his customers buy them.

Peshwa is located close to Al Karama GPO, next to Palm supermarket. Parking shouldnt be a problem since there is ample space in the vicinity.The ambiance of the restaurant is very simple, authentic and homely. The wooden chairs, intricate wooden detailing and railings, pagadi, steel plates and spoons, marathi songs, beautiful paintings on the walls make this restaurant a home-like. The other interesting thing is, these paintings on the wall that not only decorates the restaurant, but is for sale as well..! and wait that doesn’t end there. The money received for the painting is contributed to charity. Kudos to Mr. Sachin Joshi for coming u with such great intentions. He specially mentioned that, reading books now a days is a rare thing since technology is taking over. So this is his was of trying to keep the old traditions alive.


I recently visited Peshwa for dinner with a few friends and we all absolutely loved every minute thing about this place, whether it is the ambiance or the staff or the food, they are all at their best.

Dubai is cooling down but the humidity is still high, as soon as we entered we were let to choose our tables and one when we settled, Solkadi and Kokum sharbat were served. i must tell, these drinks were greatly refreshing and healthy too.

Solkadhi is a drink made out of kokum extract, coconut milk, ginger, chilli and a few other spices, a delicious appetizer.


Kokum Sarbat is delicious and has a cooling effect on the body. It not only quenches thirst, but also helps to prevent dehydration and sunstroke. Isn’t this what we should all consume here in UAE, specially during summers?


For starters, came in the Kothimbir wadi, comes in cute 6 squares. This is so addictive and tastes so good with no dips or chutney needed to compliment.


Along with Kothimbir wadi, we were served Batata Wada, which is basically a mix of potato and spices made into tiny balls, dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried. This is a breakfast thing which is had with Pav and cutting chai. Without the pav, batata wadi is a snack served with tea, best during winters and rainy seasons. Batata Wadi can be had with mint chutney or even just as it is.



Then came in the Sinhagad bhajee or in other terms Onion Pakoda which is made of onion strips dipped in spicy  gram flour batter and deep fried. There’s a historic fort in Maharashtra, Pune City called Sinhagad fort. It is a major tourist attraction and is famous mostly for the Sinhagad bhajee served there. It was extremely tasty, crispy and crunchy!



The last but not at all the least came in the breakfast/snack dish Sabudana wada, is one of those recipes that is made during religious fasting/vrat/upvas. This is my favorite of all, not because rest weren’t tasty but because I tried sabudana wada for the first time and the texture of these dumplings were crunchy out and soft in. It tastes real good with sweetened yogurt.



Mr. Joshi treats his customers like family, while interacting with him, I mentioned about having never tried sabudana kichadi before and he immediately asked his staff to bring a small portion of it for me. Kind, isn’t it? Sabudana Kichadi was not only  enticing but tasted delicious, now on my favorite list.


For Main Course, Mr. Joshi suggested that I should try Pithale, Matki usal, Barla Karela with Bhakri.


Pithale (right up in yellow) is a dish prepared with gram flour, finely chopped onions and mildly spiced, a comfort food, either consumed with rice or bhakri. This is a must try here in Peshwa.

Bhareli Kerela(left up in green), we all know how bitter gourd tastes like, and not something most us like, but if you want to eat karela without having the taste of its bitter taste, head to Peshwa. This dish is done so deliciously, I bet you will not know that its a stuffed karela that you just enjoyed with a few bhakris.

Ussal (right down in brown), is a very common dish most us would have tried, made from sprouts, usually had with either rotis or bhakris. This was made really well, slow cooked and the sprouts had taken the essence of the masala, adding more to taste every bite.

For Desserts, we asked for Gulab jamuns, Shrikhand, Aamrakhand, Pineapple Shira, the special of all Ukdiche Modak.



Gulab Jamuns came in 3 pieces, piping hot, spongy, well soaked and perfectly sweetened.

I personally don’t like Shrikhand and aamrakhand so I did not try them, but my friends were enjoying the dish so I guess it was delicious.

Pineapple Shira was not upto the mark, could make it better.

The star of the day, Ukadiche modak is a sweet dumpling very much popular in Maharashtra and south India. Ukadiche Modak is a marathi word which means “Steamed modak” The filling is made of fresh coconut and jaggery, the cover is made of Rice flour.


Over all, Peshwa is a wonderful place to dine, mostly for their healthy and traditional food and great hospitality in a homely ambiance.

Phone number: 04 3795520

Address: Shop 6 B, Kazim Mohammed Al Khafajy Building, Karama, Al Karama, Dubai

Highlights: Breakfast, Home Delivery, Wifi, Kid Friendly.

Known For: Affordable Thalis and authentic Maharashtrian food.

Cost: AED 100 for two people (approx.)

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