Toshi,a perfect date night spot.

Dim lights, live music, 18th floor, night skyline view, wide spread buffet, You and your beloved. Sensual isn’t it? This is in precise what Toshi has to offer its customers.

Toshi is on the 18th floor of Grand Millennium, with Panoramic view of Dubai. Located in Barsha Heights, aprox. 500 mts from Internet City Metro station. Toshi is open between 7 pm and 1 am, having a specialised theme everyday.

I was here for Ladies night on a Wednesday and I absolutely loved the cocktails and small bites of sushi, the perfect view from the bar will only relax your mind after a tired day at work. I went with a few other ladies and it was a great night. Ladies enjoy 3 complimentary Cocktails from 7pm-1am with a  20% discount for dine-in during Chinese theme night buffet.



My personal favourite is Pink Panther, ok here’s a catch, please ensure that its made by Mr. Bharat. He makes it the best and you cant stop with one. Bharat is someone who wears a warm smile on his face and is always ready to serve you. He, in fact, makes you feel at home and lets you enjoy your drink, of course giving appropriate suggestions when asked for. I traded all my complimentary cards for the cocktail made by him and I even borrowed extra cards from my bestie to ask for more of it. Do I sound like dipsomaniac? That’s how he makes the drink. Its that addictive.


I was here recently, for dinner with someone very special and I must say, Toshi never disappoints when it comes to creating memories. We reached Toshi at around 8:30 pm and the crowd had already started to enjoy the evening.

As I entered the restaurant I was welcomed by their manager Mr.Sheikh who is another gem of Toshi. I was looking for Bharat in the bar, was quite disappointed not to have found him there but as I turned towards the dining area, I came across him and he, to my surprise, remembered me and it was evident that he was happy to see me again. This is something unusual and not to be expected from places that’s always crowded. Thanks to Toshi for choosing such exceptional staff. We chose to sit close to the panes for a great view and enjoy some cocktails.

Ms. Sreedevi Shyam who is the PR over there is a sweetheart who made us feel homelike and stayed with us till the end. Before we wound up, I found a companion in her and I always look forward to see her again and once more. We called for Taquila shot to raise toast to this new beginning.


To begin our dining expedition with, I ordered for Pink Panther for both of us. While it arrived in a few minutes, Sreedevi explained me what Toshi has got to offer on daily basis with different themes.

Pink Panther is a cocktail consisting of a shot of Taquila, cranberry juice, orange juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. I can go on and on with this. The first sip from my cocktail told me that it wasn’t made by Bharath and I called for him and requested him to personally make it for me. It’s not that the cocktail made by the other bartender was bad, it was all about what magic Bharath adds into the cocktail that brings in the tingling feel.

Pink Panther

Since I am a vegetarian, Mr. Sheikh took special care about my food preferences and brought custom made starters and main course. From the Chinese Themed Buffet, I took veg spring roll and my partner chose the sea food dim sum while Mr. Sheikh brought Veg Tampura.

I enjoyed Tampura a lot since it was light, crispy, hot and properly fried. It tasted great with the chilli garlic dip that came along. Onion Tampura was yummilicious..! Spring rolls were tasty too, flaky, perfectly spiced fillings, neatly made to crave for more.

For mains, Mr. Sheikh suggested me to try their Veg Thai curry and I chose the green one. I must say, they really have wonderful chefs with them and the managers can never go wrong in their suggestions.


Green Thai curry was made fresh and it quintessentially authentic. The smell of Lime leaves, consistency of the gravy, rightly cooked vegetables made it enjoyable with the steamed rice.

They not just serve a standard buffet, but their live cooking station will make anything and everything you ask for.


Toshi has made it a point to be on top notch when comes to authenticity, there is a sushi and shashimi specialist who makes sushi taste extraordinary.



For Desserts, we chose to try Green tea ice cream, Jelly glass, black forest cake, chocolate mousse and fruit custard.

Green tea ice cream tasted fresh and it had a sandy texture that left me digging for more. Black forest cake was soft and perfectly iced, melted in my mouth. Jelly glass was absolutely sinful and I am sure one cant stop with one. Chocolate mousse was creamy, thick and rich. Mixed fruit custard was fresh and flavorful.


To end our dinner, we asked for two Jager bombs. Honestly, their bar is the best. I really enjoyed every minute at Toshi and it shall remain to be very special to me personally. I feel at home with Toshi and their staff treat every customer with warmth and family like.

Theme Nights at Toshi

Sunday: Sushi & Sashimi Night

Large variety of Sushi, Sashimi, Japanese Salads, Cold & Hot Appetizers, Soup & Hot Dishes

Monday: Asian BBQ & Satay Night

Mixed Asian Salads, Cold & Hot Appetizers, Soup, Satay & Grilled BBQ Dishes

Tuesday: Sushi & Sashimi Night

Large variety of Sushi,Sashimi, Japanese Salads, Cold & Hot Appetizers, Soup, Hot Dishes

Wednesday: Chinese and Hotpot Night

Chinese Salads, Cold & Hot Appetizers, Soup & Hot Dishes

Thursday: Thai Night

Selected Thai Salads, Cold & Hot Appetizers, Soup, Hot Thai Dishes.

Friday: 7 Asian Flavors Night

Specialty dishes from China, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnam.

Thailand including Cold & Hot Appetizers, Salads, Soup, Noodle & Hot Dishes

Saturday: Sizzling Night

Buffet style including Sushi, Sashimi and Maki rolls, with live stations and specialty Asian

sizzling dishes

Wednesday : Ladies Night

Every Wednesday night, ladies enjoy 3 complimentary selected cocktails from 8:00pm-1:00am

with an extensive 20% discount when dinning in!

Diner’s Happy Hour in Toshi

5pm to 8pm everyday except Thursday -buy one get one free for selected house beverages

Theme Night rate per person:

AED 195 inclusive of soft beverage

AED 345 inclusive of 4 hour free flow of selected alcoholic house beverages and soft beverages from 7pm – 11pm.

Cuisines: Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese,Indonesian

Phone number: +971 4 429 9999

Address: Grand Millennium Dubai, Level 18, Exit 36, Sheikh Zayed Road, Barsha Heights, Dubai


Full Bar Available


Luxury Dining



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