EAT GREEK KOUZINA- An Authentic Greek Cuisine.

It seems all of Greece knows what is the right thing to do“- said someone long back and I totally agree with it, especially when it comes to experiencing EAT GREEK KOUZINA.

The best thing about being a foodie in Dubai is, there is always a new restaurant to try and every restaurant has something to surprise you. On one such adventurous evening, my foodie friend and I, on a warm evening, came across this traditional Greek restaurant, located on Lower Ground Floor, Star Atrium.

The rustic touch to the ambiance transports you to greek , while fairy lights, wooden furniture and the cutlery gives you phantasmagorical feel.

We were welcomed by Ms. Thuli, bright and ebullient, made us feel very comfortable and her sparkling eyes and beaming smile can make anyone’s day bring and fresh. She did explain about their menu and then quickly brought our drinks. I asked for Exotica and my friend took Mykonos.

 On the left is Exotica, mocktail of Pineapple, raspberries and passion fruit. This was absolutely fresh and luscious.
On the right is Mykonos another mocktail made of Pineapple, orange and raspberries. This was soothing and alluring. If asked, I would prefer Exotica over Mykonos.
On the left is Ms. Thuli holding the bread. From top right is the Eggplant salad, Tzatziki and Spicy Feta cheese.
My favorite of all was the Tzaziki, which is basically prepared with hung yogurt, cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs. This has left me craving for it even now (I am drooling).
Spicy Feta Cheese was real good with the warm bread, more or less like comfort food, consisting of Feta cheese puree, paprika and fresh red chilies.
I am not sure how the Eggplant salad tasted like since I am allergic towards eggplant. It contains Smoked & roasted eggplants, fresh herbs and peppers.
For Hot Appetizers, we called for Cheese Saganaki, which is Kefalotyri  Greek, is a hard, salty yellow cheese and is predominantly oily. This was served with a fruity dip made from tomato which tasted like home-made jam. Probably if one thing I could ask for from the chef is, to give me the recipe for the dip.
Roasted Beetroot Salad and Cretan Dakos Salad came from the salad section, won our hearts.
Roasted beetroots were tender, covered in yogurt, along with apple slices, walnuts, croutons. This is my favorite of all.
Cretan Dakos comes as a rusk topped with fresh finely chopped tomatoes and feta cheese and olive oil drizzle.

From the main course I called for Spicy Halloumi Cheese from the Greek Sandwich section. This comes in a big portion sufficient for two, along with fries. The sandwich is a composition of grilled halloumi, tomatoes, basil, olives and capers with chillies, roasted eggplant on sour dough bread. This is one the most recommendable dishes on EGK menu.


Ms. Thuli was on her toes to bring more drinks when she saw our empty glasses. This time she said she would want to bring in her favorites- Strawberry colada and Ginger beer (non-alcoholic).

My friend chose to drink Strawberry colada and I was all excited to try the Ginger beer, though its non-alcoholic. Strawberry colada was something new I tried and I absolutely loved how it brings the creamy texture. Its a mix of Pineapple, strawberries, coconut milk and fresh lime.


If asked, I would say Ginger beer should be a non-stop supply drink. I loved this. Its EGK’s signature drink.


When we were almost full from all these delicious dishes, Ms. Thuli came with a wide tray of dessert and asked us to choose whatever attracts us. I picked the orange cake and my bestie chose Baklava. Ms. Thuli is really kind. She offered two more items to satiate our sweet-tooth. She gave us Honey pie and almond cake. Amazing isnt it? interestingly, desserts are not on their menu since they make different ones every day. So desserts are a surprise.

Ms. Thuli also brought us a share of Sparta!! Nutella milkshake topped with nutella filled sugar coated donut. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!


They also have outdoor seating with a spectacular view of The Fountain. It was one of those wonderful evenings I spent. Eat Greek Kouzina is a must try for every food-lover.


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