Tresind- A gastronomical culinary journey.

As a food blogger, I come across many questions and expert advice calls, but interestingly I remember a colleague, rather a well-wisher asked me on one afternoon at lunch about a restaurant that makes a whole lot of gala out of food and gastronomy presentation. Well, its none other than TRESIND.

Tresind is a Luxury dining restaurant, taking food and presentation to a whole new level, located at Level 2 of Nassima Royal Hotel, Trade Centre Area, Dubai.


I was here for lunch with my bestie, who is a food blogger herself. The day I visited Tresind was like  dream come true and mark my words, Tresind can never let you down.

To start with, after a warm welcome, to relax our minds and bring calmness to our souls, before we begin the culinary adventure, aroma fog/smoke was spilled on our table.

We were served Tomato Salsa, a mix of sun dried tomatoes, roasted onion and garlic, red chilli, carrot pickles on a traditional stone grinder, reminding me of my granny’s kitchen. It as served with mini pav/bread along with pindi channa hummus and olive pickles. The best way to start a meal.

Then came in the talk of the town, Deconstructed Pani puri. I was so excited to see the chef preparing it in front of us and could wait to devour it. I was surprised to see deconstructed pani puri as to how liquid forms a shape of a bubble and how it mite feel like when had. Sorry, I shall not ruin the experience, please try!!

Next was the Baked Burrata salad. Have you ever tried Warm salad? This is a warm salad, out of the norm, only keeping in mind that winter is here and stay warm. The burratas are served on the bed of coriander pesto, sprinkled with tomato sorba and accompanied with baby rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. It is the best Burrata i have ever had.


In between, I was served Nilgiri, a vodka based cocktail with cranberry and passion fruit extracts. Again this is a must try here at Trisend.

Surprisingly, the most celebrated chef Himanshu Saini came with a trolley on which was heated coal, a few baby corns, butter and spices. He fanned the baby corns while he remained nostalgic about the good old days, how  we enjoyed every bite of roasted bhutta on the Indian streets with friends and loved ones during winters.

Banarasi Aloo papad with a twist, was next to arrive to our table. It came in a deep bowl filled with ragda and garnished with baby carrots and lettuce. It was supposed to be had like, a bite of papad and a spoonful of ragda together. Need to be skillful. Ragda was flavorsome and the papad was at its best.


As a vegetarian, I was always wondering if someone could come with the concept of veg chops, and here it came true. The VEG Lamb Chops were brought to our table and I was on cloud 9. Its basically a mix of potatoes and lotus stem mimicking lamb chops. Lotus stem is my favorite and I never knew it could be had in other forms, than just pickles or namkeen. Veg lamb chops were served with mango chutney and roasted potato cubes, it tasted heavenly and never forget to try this again.


After an elaborated appetizer round, we were offered lassi based Palate cleanser to prepare our taste buds for main course. Yummiest ever!


For Mains, We were served Birbal ki Kichidi, a royal treat. Our chef Malik presented this dish to us, explaining how a simple kichidi could be a feast, bringing all the spices and flavors together in one dish. It was also pleasant to know that the chef hails from Southern India and could speak a word or two with him in Tamil, though none of us are Tamilians. Chef began the process of converting a simple kichidi into a sapid delicacy by adding various ingredients like coriander seeds, pepper corns, onions, ginger, curry leaves, milagai podi (gun powder), turmeric, lemon juice, and lot more, finally dropping a big dollop of butter and a cup of warm water, giving it a good stir. Every morsel was different, and heavenly, hitting the right notes in my mouth.

After chappan bhog in one dish, we were treated with 100 grams jalebi, enthralling. It comes in vintage weighing machine and truly reminds of our childhood, visiting market to but households. Jablebis were warm, perfectly made and left me craving for more.


Then we were served Baked Kunafa. It looked like sunny side up on the rice stick bed. Its made from condensed milk, caramel mousse, mango and orange gel; garnished with pistachio, saffron, rose petals and 24 carat gold foil.


What came next in the line was Baked Baklava in two layers with Pistachio mousse, berries and rose sorbet. The texture of bakalava with the mousse and berries together was outstanding, while the rose sorbet was wonderful and distinct.


As a tradition in India, Paan is considered to help in digestion of heavy meal and thus served at the end. Here at Tresind, paan comes in a van flower vase, in the form of cotton candy buds seeming like an extract from cotton plant.  No matter how old we grow, candy floss shall remind be our favorite. Agreed?


Phone number04 4489523

Address: Level 2, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

Known For

Modernistic Indian cuisine that experiments with molecular gastronomy – the ultimate blend of food culture, experience and design


Full Bar Available

Luxury Dining


Valet Parking Available

Private Dining Area Available

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