Chips n Dips- A kiosk of flavorous dips.

Dubai has always come up with new things to surprise its populace and also left them wondering about it. One such surprises I encountered was when I came across Chips n Dips at Burjuman Mall. Chips n Dips is a concept kiosk in Burjuman Mall that offers flavors of the world in quick, convenient servings of dips and dippers to snackers of all ages and origins. It’s fun, flavorful food on the go, with no mess and no fuss. From America to Azerbaijan and Mexico to Mozambique, they offer international flavors to tantalize the taste buds.

I was here with my best friend one evening, with whom I talk anything and everything under the sun. So imagine, we had so much to talk and what else could go hand in hand? Something to snack, isn’t it? So when we knew that, we chose Chips n Dips.


Ms. Kathie, who manages the kiosk there, was kind and approachable. She explained us about the varieties of dips and what they contain and the kinds of chips that goes well with the dips we choose. She let us sample most of their dips and i really hard to choose between them. I had heard a lot about Red velvet dip, something unique and it was my first time.


We ended up packing everything from this kiosk, when we cannot decide what to choose, this is what happens.

Here’s the list of Dips offered by Chips n Dips.


Bawarchi Beans:- A blend of navy beans and warm, smoky spices


  • Holy Moly Guacamole:- Fresh avocado goodness with a hint of spicy lime
  • Sassy Salsa:- Tomatoes, peppers and a whole lot of sass in your step
  • One Peso Queso:- Simple, cheesy goodness with a down home feel
  • Funky Fiesta:- A funk-you-up seven-layer Mexican staple


  • Oooh Onion:- Down-home creamy onion goodness
  • Country Cowboy Chowder:- A hodgepodge of country garden freshness


Soy Good Sweet -n- Sour:- An Asian cream cheese sensation with the surprise of water chestnuts and peanuts

Middle Eastern:-

  • Hala Hommus:- Hommus with your choice of fresh toppings
  • Max Mutabbal:- Maximum freshness with roasted eggplant and pomegranate seeds
  • No Limit Lebna:- Creamy Lebna with no limit of fresh toppings
  • Fab Falafel:- Mashed falafel and toppings with maximum flavour


  • Chocolicious:- Simply sinful Chocolate


  • Munching Medley:- A vegetable soup medley of fresh garden goodness


  • Champion Chocolate Chip
  • Red Velvet

Now isn’t it difficult to choose between these lovely dips? I loved the varieties of chips that was offered. Everything was fresh, flavourful and crunchy.  They offer dippers like lotus biscuits, pretzels, potato chips, pretzel sticks, rusk, tortillas, khubus bread, colorful doritos, to name a few.

Health Conscious? Don’t worry, Chips n Dips not only offer baked/fried dippers but as well fruits and veggie sticks. Amazing right?

I truly had a great evening with these chips and dips and some heart-to-heart talk with my bestie at the seaside, enjoying the cool breeze and sunset. I don’t have to be worried about my next weekend party menu, I can always get these finger licking, delicious, savoury dips with some crunchy, fresh chips.  This place is also a good option to sit with an interesting book, agreed?


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  1. Mr.Horrible says:

    Woooww … Thank you very much for suggesting a wonderful place to have a break time with my loved one
    Hope to see more blogs frm you ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mr. Horrible for your kind words. 🙂


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