T Lounge by Dilmah- Where Teas bloom!


Dilmah Opens Its First Flagship Lounge in Dubai
The luxury tea lounge located in Ibn Battuta Mall will offer a selection of exotic teas
International cricketers were present at the official launch of the lounge

Dilmah, the largest tea producer in the world with a presence in over 100 countries opened its first flagship ‘t-lounge’ in Ibn Battuta Mall (Egypt Court), Dubai. International cricketers attended the official launch of the lounge along with other guests.

The t-lounge was first conceptualized in 2003, by the founder of Dilmah – Merrill J. Fernando, the world’s most experienced tea sommelier. Since then it has quickly established itself as a premium venue for tasting a selection of fine tea and tea concoctions that can be paired well with their sweet and savoury delights.

The Dubai t-Lounge is co-owned by Ajay Sethi, Chairman of Channel 2 Group Corporation and former Pakistan cricket team captain, Ramiz Raja – both who understood that the t-lounge will fill a gap in the country that has a high tea consumption with a more premium product and concept.

Merrill J. Fernando, founder of Dilmah said, “Tea is Nature’s gift to mankind and there is no beverage that is quite like tea. We have our own tea estate and it’s our commitment to consumers to offer the finest tea that Sri Lanka has to give. Innovation is key to Dilmah and we have offer a variety of blends that don’t compromise on taste and quality.”

Ajay Sethi, Chairman of Channel 2 Group said, “We are delighted to be associated with such a strong and trusted brand like Dilmah. Tea consumption is high and the most preferred beverage in the UAE and the Middle East region. With the new t-lounge, people now have a choice of different exotic tea brews along with other light treats.”

Ramiz Raja, former well-known Pakistan skipper said, “Tea is very personal to me and I need to have at least 30 to 50 cups a week. And I guess everyone can feel the same way that a good cup of tea can simply help to rejuvenate. The t-lounge offers just that, a perfect venue to meet; have a conversation and enjoy Dilmah’s flavourful delectables with a wide selection of tea.”

I was invited on a weekday evening to try the Famous White Tea and I was in total elation. Tea is my cup of coffee and there in not a day I would say No to Tea. For me, white tea is a new concept and so I both excited and skeptical.

T-Lounge is a place I would prefer having a group of friends who are as crazy as I am or a perfect romantic novel. The ambiance is open, welcoming, colorful and warm. The furniture are bright colored, comfortable, low legged and spacious.  Very innovative idea to rack the tea boxes on the wall and it indicates the variety of tea. On the other side, There are pictures of tea plantation and above that is the process of tea from picking to packing. Good to know more about the tea we drink, isn’t it so?

Mr. Deepak heartily welcomed me and my buddies handing out the menu booklets and month special complimentary tea, that changes every month. I was confused as to what to choose from it so I smartly gave that resposibility to Deepak. I informed him, my usual statement “I am vegetarian” and he was more than happy to take care of that Vegetarian in me.

The two things I asked from him was, Cinnamon Orange Chilled Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea. Cinnamon Orange Chilled tea is very refreshing and its a perfect drink to hydrate on a sunny afternoon. It tasted fresh and a perfect blend of flavors in a huge glass.


I once, long ago, heard about the hand-rolled White tea Litchee that blooms in the cup and I was like a kid in front of a candy shop waited for it bloom. This is something one must try for sure here.

My Partner chose to drink Ceylon Silver tips White tea, and I know he chose it for a reason. I was jealous! Deepak explained us how white tea buds are carefully picked, dried in early morning sun light, not letting them get roasted, packed safely.  For me, I had a feeling of taking care of new born baby. I was fascinated by the brewing style and the tea tastes different at every extra minute of brewing.

My friend who accompanied us was wondering what could dragon tea taste like though he isn’t a tea-guy.  Deepak sent us White Jasmine tea( Jasmine Pear Dragon White tea) which again blooms. I shall surely try this next time.


For snacks, we were served Cheese lover sandwich, fresh dough chocolate waffles and Italian bruschettas. These all will come in big portions, enough for 2-3 persons and perfect combination with white tea.

I finished my visit to T lounge with a cup of Moroccan mint tea. Mint tea is my daily mantra but this time I chose to drink this because of the tea box arranged on the wall and I loved the color of it. It comes in a tiny tea pot and sand-timer. The best mint tea so far. IMG_0698.JPG

My partner was looking forward to his daily mantra- Karak chai that’s called T-tk Ginger. This is prepared exactly the way it’s done on the highway tea stalls. I loved the perfect color and ginger’s essence in it can bring anyone back to life.


Interestingly, we can also buy tea from there and replicate it at home. Great gifting ideas for tea lovers, right?

Phone number :04 2731196

Cuisines: Cafe

Address: Shop 206, Egypt Court, Ibn Batuta Mall, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai


  • Breakfast
  • Home Delivery
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Desserts and Bakes
  • Free Parking
  • Wifi


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