Real Momos Cafetaria- Momos and more.

Momos are stuffed dumpling preparation is one of the most popular dishes, a native speciality, an example of Tibetan influence in Nepali cuisine. Though this is a traditional dish for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan region, for the rest of the world its a unique snack item or an occasional delicacy.

Real Momos is a hidden gem of Karama’s food treasure chest. Real Momos is a small eatery serving generous portions of amazing momos, Indo-Chinese street food fare.  It is one of the oldest booths serving momos with divergent stuffing and additional twists in flavors and preparation.

Real Momos serve not just traditional momos but brings in variations as in fried momos, tandoori momos that again is classified into Afghani, Hariyali and Achari momos. These Momos are unusual but the alimony of stuffings, the outer covering and tandoor is a feast to one’s taste buds.

Astonishingly, Real momos have a wide range veg options on their menu like Veggie Momos, Corn cheese, Mushroom, Paneer momo Kothey to name a few and vegetarians like me need not worry any more about not having enough options.  For Non-veg momo lovers, they serve Chicken momos with variations like Chicken Cheese Momos, Chicken Malai Momos, Chicken Momos Kothey Platter and more.

Real Momos don’t serve momos alone but also soups like Tom Yum, Hot N Sour, Manchow, Sweet corn, etc., and Rolls like Spring rolls, Paneer rolls, Chicken rolls, Chimi Changa Rolls etc., Veg Appetizers like Honey chilli potato, Golden fry baby corn, Chilli paneer/mashrooom etc.  For Non-veg Appetizers they serve Chilli chicken/fish/squid/prawns, Tai Chi chicken, Honey chicken, etc.,  They also serve Chicken sides, Sea food sides, and for desserts you can ask for Date Pancakes, Darson with nuts or just Vanilla Ice cream.

Everything between Parathas to Sandwich to Puri Bhaji is available between 7 am to 11 am everyday at Real momos for breakfast at minimal price and is way too filling.

I was at the restaurant on a weekday for dinner and the options on their menu put me in dilemma and I had to take help of the staff to taste the best.  We were brought the Mix momo Platter that contains 10 pieces of every kind of momo available on their menu. This is the best option to choose when you want to do momos as your full course meal.

I absolutely fell in love with the freshly Steamed momos, Hariyali Tandoori momos while Achari momos are a must try here. The mint and chilli garlic chutneys served along with momos will surely enhance the taste of momos.  Dont forget to ask for Kothey in case you like tangy and spicy dip with your momos.

I am a great fan of Chinese bhel and I never fail to try it if its on the menu in any given restaurant, especially the ones that are known for street food style. Here it goes, Chinese bhel from Real Momos.  This is one of the most delicious Chinese Bhel I have had in Dubai.


We also tried Dilli wali Chowmein with Veg manchurian, the best combination ever. This comes in enormity and more than enough for 2 foodies.  Veg manchurian and chowmein is my favorite combination and its something I had always wanted to go home for.


What I usually look for in places that serve Indo-Chinese delicacy is Crispy Vegetables and yes, I ordered for one here too. After a very long time, I was satisfied for how Crispy vegetables must taste and it exactly was what I was looking for. Thank goodness, there is a joint close-by serving this.


Back in India, we get Masala thumbs-up, Masala Pepsi, Masala Limca, Masala Soda, and the like.  When I saw Masala Thumbs-up and Masala Limca, the girl in me was jumping out of excitement.  So I ordered for Masala Thumbs-up and it was all I wanted to cool down from the Oven-effect of Dubai’s weather.


The seating arrangement is made to welcome 8-10 people but there is always an option to do a take-away order, right?

Not forgetting to mention about their Staff, I must admit, they are really down to earth, happy and courteous.  They are attentive, informative and caring. Treating their customers well is something that has become their custom. Thanks to Mr. Sarvesh Pandey and other staff members for being there for us throughout.

Fortunately, they deliver these dishes and everything else from their menu at your door-step and who wouldn’t want to enjoy favorite show on the TV with some hot momos?

Phone number04 4298812

Address: Shop 2, Art Court Building, Near Rose Studio, Westzone Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

Highlights: Breakfast,Home Delivery, Outdoor Seating.

Cuisines: Nepalese, Street Food, Indo-Chinese.

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