Masala Pot- Taste that’s Sarke ooper..!

India has been known for its diversity in all aspects even though it has its especial uniqueness and medley of culture within self. The same goes with food and cooking methods. Within the nation, there is distinctiveness in the cuisines, preparation and presentation. In a way, all these are influenced by the ancient times, beliefs, traditions and availability of essentials.

Masala Pot is one among those restaurants in UAE, that believes in authenticity yet suit the modern times of life. Masala Pot has 7 branches across Dubai and Abu Dhabi serving ethnic Indian and Chinese cuisines with modern touch.


I was at one of these 7 branches for lunch, located in the corporate part of Dubai, Bay Square, Business Bay.  Assuming it to be empty on mid-day of the week, I was astonished to see the restaurant full. Asian Buffet is served for AED.30/- during lunch hours so ensure to reserve a table before hand.


The ambiance is perky, simple and calm. The huge yellow chandelier acts as the center piece of the restaurant bringing elegance to the appearance. Simple furniture, whitewashed bricked walls, rustic mini chandeliers, bollywood songs in the background is all perfect for a casual date night/ heart-to-heart talk.

Staff are real friendly, attentive and informative. They wear smiles, spreading it to their customers too. After all, what does one need more than a smile from a stranger to set the day right?

My foodie-partner and I were greeted and led a to table exclusively reserved for us and were served Paan Lemonade. I said Paan Lemonade. Strange isn’t it? Well, not anymore. This was the best of all lemonades I have had in the whole of my life. Paan Lemonade comes in huge mason jar, bright green drink with lemon slices and mint leaves. A MUST TRY…!


Next came in the cone shaped Papads with fresh slices of cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and mint chutney. Best combination ever.


We were served starters, for me the vegetarian one that consisted of Paneer Tikka and Vegetable Sheek Kebabs. This was an absolute delish platter. I loved how the kebabs melted in my mouth while the paneer tikkas were made to perfection, mint chutney with the paneer and kebabs made it saporous.


My Foodie-partner, he being a non-vegetarian, was offered a non-veg platter that consisted of Lasooni Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Pahari Chicken Tikka, Fish Reshmi, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Prawns. It was evident that the platter made justice, looking at how he enjoyed his food. He said Lasooni chicken tikka and fish reshmi has become his favorite now from the platter.


As a part of Main course, I was served Paneer Khadai Se with Tandoori rotis, and He was served Butter chicken with rotis.

Paneer Kadai Se was made to perfection, allowing all the spices to do their job, with a sweet touch to the gravy. Rotis were warm, fresh and soft. Comes in decent portion, adequate for one person. Butter chicken was matchless, tender and luscious- His words..!

Being Foodies, from southern Asia, Biryani is our weakness. We were served Dum Biryani with raita and salan as the later part of Mains. What is interesting about Masala Pot Briyani? comes in Mason Jars. Different shapes of Jars for varities of Biryani. Interesting? YES..!! Oh wait, there is another interesting thing about this. They serve Masala chaas in a long french milk bottle along with the biryani. So now is it interesting???? Of course..!

Biryani comes in huge quantity that can fill two persons, packed with flavors, otherworldly, 10-on-10. Salan, very much hitting the right notes of Hyderabadi Mirch ka Salan. Very Authentic. Not to forget the Chaas, it was the powerhouse of flavors, smooth consistancy, filling and refreshing.

No meal is a meal if there isn’t a dessert served. The best part is when your favorite dessert is served to end a utopian meal. Gulab Jamun. My Favorite of all times. Gulab jamun comes in a measuring cup kind of utensil along with a separate shot of splendid sugar cardamom syrup, so you are allowed to take as much as syrup as you need on your dessert. Jamun was spongy, huge and sure shot to leave you craving for it more and more.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to meet the Operations Manager of Masala Pot and he insisted that we must try Chai. So yeah..! We never say NO to Chai. It was served the exact manner how its served in India on busy streets of Bombay, Delhi and other parts of the country. What really made me happy was, it wasn’t just us but all the customers in the restaurant were served Chai.. Imagine..!


Before I left the restaurant, one among Masala Pot’s staff gifted me a box and when I opened it, there was a XL sized motichur laddu with a handwritten Thank you card. Hearts and Flowers for that.


This is one such restaurant I definitely will go again and once more. Next time for dinner. If the ambiance can look so great during the noon, imagine Dim light, vast chandelier, mini chandeliers, your partner and amazing food. Fulfilling?

Phone number: 0526061858

Cuisines: Indian, Chinese

Address: Building 11, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai

Masala Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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