Yummy Dosa- Yumminess beyond dosas.

Sometimes we can never judge a restaurant until we visit the place to know what it has got to offer us. One such restaurant that left me with astonishment is Yummy dosa. This restaurant has squeezed itself amidst restaurants like Kulcha king, Puranmal, Chappan bhog and other restaurants in the location since ages.

I happened to visited this restaurant with no information before hand, sometimes when this kind happens, its the best thing ever. Well, hubby and I had a long day and were looking forward to the weekend and here we were to kick start it with some yummy food.

Dosa is a crepe like food that is made of fermented rice and urad dal batter. This South-Indian dish has left its mark all over the country and Mumbai is no exception. The collection and variety offered in Mumbai is vast. Chinese Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Schezwan Cheese Dosa, Pav Bhaji Dosa, Chocolate Cheese Dosa and Zini Dosa are some favorites and are scrumptious, offered with many types of chutney.

Yummy Dosa is a restaurant that not only surprise you with food but with decor as well. Its evident that the owners have put in a lot of efforts to bring the best in all aspects. The menu card is very interesting as much as the names on it. Cheerful and warm is probably the right set of words that describe the ambiance and has the scintilla of food streets of Mumbai. They have a live semi-open kitchen facing the streets and its a sure shot thing to leave you craving for dosas while passing by.

We took the assistance of their managers to decide our meal and I tell you, you can blindly let them do the decisions for you. We were suggested Zini dosa, Yummy dosa’s signature dish while I was craving for some pasta since long and and chose to try their Arrabiata.

While these mains take about 15 mins to arrive, I ordered for Tom Yum Soup, and now I am in love with it. It took about 6-8 mins to reach my table and in generous quantity. Fresh, hot, tasty, perfect blends of thai spices hit the right notes.


Much before we finished our soups, we were served with Zini dosa, a very popular Mumbai street food, interesting presentation, luscious, flavor packed mini rolls topped with unselfishly generous amount of grated cheese. Its said that the Mumbai street food vendors made zini dosa to bring the Indianized version of pizzas, though it isn’t like pizza, it has its own uniqueness with the garam masala, cheese, finely chopped veggies and rolled up into small pockets.  Here at Yummy Dosa, its served with Coconut chutney and tomato chutney, even though the dosa doesn’t need anything alongside.


IMG_1757 (1)

A minute or two later, my pasta arrived in a huge bowl with two medium sized garlic bread slices. Baking hot, totally home-made type Arrabiata, neatly cooked pasta, totally Indianized, more like what I would prefer at home on a lazy day, so comforting and simple. (I am drooling..!)

IMG_1759 (1)

I was full, there was still leftovers of pasta even after sharing with hubby but he was looking at the Sizzling brownie that was depicted on the place mats and waiting for my head to nod in acceptance. This comes in a decent portion and perfect for winters. The chocolate syrup could have been a little more runny but nevertheless it tasted heavenly, not too much chocolaty that would give headaches later.  Perfect bownie and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is absolutely a feast.


Couldn’t resist not visiting this restaurant again so went here on a sunday and guess what? It was jam packed even during a weekday so make sure to check with the management beforehand.  So this time when I went, again took suggestions from the staff and decided to try Sada dosa and Triple Schezwan Fried rice.


Sada Dosa is wide and tastes exactly what it is from dosa camps on food streets of Mumbai. Not too thick or too thin, perfect texture and in goes a generous portion of butter. Interestingly, the batter is prepared in house and its not the usual rice used in the making. This is also served with Coconut and tomato chutney.


Triple Schezwan Fried rice comes with Veg Manchurian gravy and some fried chopsuey. Arrives in less than 10 mins, piping hot, two huge bowls containing the Rice and Gravy, colorful and the aroma is so good. Generous portions served enough for two foodies. Well tossed rice and veggies, neatly coated sauce on each and every grain, perfect blend with the Manchurian gravy.  For me, the Manchurian gravy could have been a bit more flavorful as well the manchurian balls could have been more solid and few more balls had to be included. The gravy continued to lose its strength and turned watery at the end of the meal.

Nevertheless, the concept of street food in a varied version is now available in Dubai and what to look forward is more street food dishes with a twist on the menu shortly and it shall amaze all its customers just like the ones that are doing now.

Remember while ordering, Dosas are generally good for single person consumption, and anything other than that, the quantities are huge that can fill up 2 persons.

Yummy Dosa is certainly vegetarians delight.


Phone Number: 04 2482867

Address: Shop 7.1, Al Attar Centre, Opposite Spinney’s, Al Karama, Dubai

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