All Stir Fry

Discovery Gardens is second home for both us, Hubby and I for 2 major reasons. One is I am learning Veena, an Indian classical string instrument for almost a year and the other reason is my bestie lives here. Even after visiting every week, I didn’t know there is Pivilion Mall and totally had no idea about All Stir Fry.

All Stir Fry is Pan Asian Restaurant serving some of the best tasting food, mostly with the touch of Street food essence. Everything from comforting soups to Make-your-own Meal is available at All Stir Fry.

Bright, colorful and witty quoted background with rustic furniture is equally interesting as much as the food served. Its perfect for a brunch bunch up with friends and family in a relaxed ambiance and enjoy great food.

I was here with my bestie for dinner on a monday night. We began with Sweet corn soup. Comes thick, finely chopped vegetables added generously with a filling portion. This is the most comforting food and honestly I can live on this soup the rest of my life.


For starters I was served Veg Dumplings with hot and sweet sauce.  Its a great deal for the money. Its super filling and comes in portion of 5, served in a mini skillet pan. Generously filled with minced vegetables, reminded me and my bestie of our Indian street food.


We also tried their veg spring rolls. One of the tastiest ones i have had recently. Not at all oily, well stuffed and served with hot garlic sauce. Loved the combination and this again comes in a mini skillet pan. Perfect to start a great meal.


I find comfort in simple food that doesn’t ask for much time, efforts or includes a lot of spices and oil. So most of the times, if a meal calls for comfort food, I make stir fried veggies with a bowl of rice and simple gravy.  When I found stir fried vegetables on their menu, it was irresistible to say NO. This dish comes a single person consumption quantity in a mini wok that includes baby corns, bell peppers, brocolli, cauliflower and bok-choy saute on high flame with bustling flavors of garlic and spring onions.


For Mains, its totally expected of me to call for Thai Green Curry, if its on the menu. So here, I had the Veg Thai Green Curry with the most, unbelievable, yummiest, light, flavorful and never before kind of Veg Fried Rice. I really have no words to explain the Fried rice, while I can only say YOU MUST TRY IT, ELSE ITS A LOSS. The combination is a heavenly one and its good enough for 2 persons. Thai Green curry has a good chance for improvement while the Fried rice is the star dish of ALL STIR FRY.

Hakka Noodles is one of my favorite dish when it comes to Chinese food. This was certainly ordered and it brought the memories of home in no time. It tasted great, almost like the indo-chinese noodles that we get on the streets of Indian cities. Served in great portion, ample amount of vegetables included along and cooked to perfection. Goes very well with veg manchurian gravy.


Though I am not fan of desserts usually, I was curious to try Toffee Banana. I must say, this is not to be missed. Hard crust and toffee tasting outer coating the bite size tender banana on the inside. Its one of its own kind. Bananas are dipped in corn flour and self raising batter, deep fried and coated with toffee sauce, garnished with white sesame seeds is no less than a perfect dessert after a great meal.


All Stir Fry serves buffet that includes 12+ dishes during weekends at a very affordable price. Don’t miss it.


Phone number: 0564792360

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese


Average Cost: AED 100 for two people (approx.)

                         Cash and Cards accepted

Address: Discovery Pavilion, Street 7, Discovery Gardens, Dubai


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