One “Cutting chai” please…

Winter is back. Its Cutting time again. Its that one season where we do vada-pav chai hoping, specially in karama. There is an endless list of restaurants serving chai but only a few make their chai authentic. Sipping ginger tea in chai glass along with piping hot bhajji or vada-pav, simple pleasures of life, right?

Cutting chai is one of those restaurants that I saw growing better and better day by day. Located in the heart of the shopping and residential hub behind Lulu Hypermarket, serves some of the best indian and indo-chinese food and varieties of tea.

To be honest, Cutting chai was never on my list of frequently visited restaurant but ever since I visited recently, its certainly on my list for good reasons.  The first time I visited was probably an year ago with a tea freak friend. Tea was nothing special while vada pav was below standards. Wait..! Dont judge so soon.

Who knew Cutting chai could get any better within an year? The interiors, brighter than before, lively and clean, though there’s scope for betterment.  They also have outdoor seating, well planned for quick bites and chai. Their semi open kitchen is a great idea, letting the customers drool over the food getting ready.



Very friendly staff, special thanks to Mr. Anould who took care of our dinner, suggesting the dishes according to our preferences. The other staff were friendly but they need to be more attentive. Service is quick, efficient and smooth. Thanks to the management for not declining any order for scarcity reasons.

I ordered for vada pav and sev puri for starters, though I was not not sure about vada pav.  I loved the presentation and taste compared to my previous experience. It came in a black round plate with crackers and chillies, served fresh and warm, size seemed satisfying, perfect flavors, much better than the last time.


Sev Puri is my new favorite from Cutting chai, I will order this every time I am here and I know I can recommend it to my friends and foodie friends. Loved everything about this chaat but for my taste, the tangy chutney was a bit over powering. Presentation was simple but very interesting.


I wanted to try their à la carte, but Mr. Anould insisted on their Dabbawala meal.  It consisted 4 boxes, the typical Indian steel lunch carriers. Seemed very interesting, they have worked on their presentation alot. Good thing about this is, menu is different everyday.



Kadi Pakora, Paneer gravy, Tomato pulao, potato dry curry.  Four chapatis, one gulab jamun, papad, pickles and yogurt came in separate tasting cups which I felt could have come in a mini tiffin box.  All of these in generous portions for AED.14 surely surprised me.


Tomato Pulao was outstanding, while other dishes did not reach the standards. Paneer was succulent but the gravy smelled and tasted mango pulp, quite unusual. I am not familiar with tomato pulao with Kadi pakora so I had them separately. Chapatis were warm, soft and home-made kind. Potato dry curry definitely needs more flavors, tasted more like upvas dish. Jamun was the best of all, could have served it warm.


I saw few regular customers visiting the restaurant only for cutting chai, I was not sure if I should try, however since the weather was apt for a cup of tea I decided a cutting take away. Thanks to the management once again for bringing out the authenticity of Bombay cutting chai. Certainly, the pleasure of having chai and vada pav is sorted.


Phone Numbers: 04 3970550, 0509384810.

Cuisines: Indian, Chinese.

Address: Opposite Al Wasl Pioneer Buildings, Behind Lulu Hypermarket, Al Karama, Dubai


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