Fusion- Multi Cuisine Theme

Fusion is a multi-cuisine restaurant at Ghaya Grand Hotel, IMPZ, Dubai. A restaurant unique for the fact that it mostly focuses on Seafood nights and Friday brunch buffet while absorbed in the midst of one of Dubai’s developing sector, letting one find in-style hideaway. Ghaya Grand Hotel is located in close vicinity of Motor City, Dubai, a perfect stop for ‘tourist in my own city’ weekend out.

Ever since the summer heat waned, Dubai weather has become perfect for outdoors treats; long drives and brunches are now in people’s plan for most weekends. One such beautiful weekend I had the opportunity to visit Fusion for Friday brunch with my other half. Fusion is a beautiful restaurant for those heart-to-heart talks over food with your soul mate. It is also good for big family gatherings or even groups of friends/workmates to get together.


I decided to arrive earlier than scheduled to witness the preparations being made by the restaurant prior to welcoming their clientele. It was indeed a relief that despite my shenanigan, we were warmly received by my dear friend Mrs. Sreedevi Shyam and Mr. Saumil and other staff. As we settled in and had a look around at what the restaurant has to offer, Mr.Samuil fixed virgin Mojitos for us; Strawberry for me and Passion Fruit for my partner. Both drinks were very refreshing, low on sugar, minty and thirst quenching.  The Strawberry Mojito is common but delightful. I really like the Passion Fruit Mojitos as well and my partner did agreed with me that it was exceptional.

Mr. Saumil and Chef Ashly introduced us to the live counters and the authentically specialized chefs. Okay! Here’s the catch. This restaurant, Fusion, has 5 live multi-cuisine counters, customizing your meal, all your favorites and anything you ask for. Though there is a basic array of brunch items parallel the counters, the restaurant aims at serving personalized dishes for each and every one.

Fusion has live counters for Wok Chinese, Indian, Sushi, Mongolia and Italian.  A portion of the restaurant is devoted to salads on one end while the other end is dedicated to walk in dessert counter. The salad station includes Seafood, Arabic and Continental varieties, including breads, assorted cheese, fresh fruits and raw cold soups.

Since it was about customized brunch, hubby and I decided on skipping the set menu and order something that we are fond of from each counter. It was such a pleasant experience, being vegetarians, that we get to eat what we want and there is a whole squad waiting to get us everything possible to impress out taste buds.  We started off with the Chinese for soups. We tried the hot and soup spicy veg soup. The finely cubed carrots, shredded cabbages and chopped spring onions complimented the soups sour and spicy base, providing a wonderful beginning for an elaborate and memorable brunch.


We gave the pre-made Paneer tikka from Indian counter a shot while Chef Anand offered to prepare Paneer Malai Seekh Kebabs. Meanwhile, we tried the pre-made veg samosas from Mongolian counter. I must mention that the Paneer tikka was well marinated and well cooked. Veg Samosas were delicious with the sweet chilli sauce, mashed potato triangle pockets deep fried, warm and tasty.

Paneer Malai Seekh Kebabs, the star delicacy of the day, melted in our mouth the moment we took a bite. It is a very light and delicious first course dish, arranged in skewers and cooked in tandoor. Soft, flavorful and rich kebabs can only leave you craving for more.


There was no way I could bypass the Italian counter since Pasta is comfort food for me. I ordered white sauce penne pasta with bell peppers and mushrooms. Penne was cooked to be firm to the bite. White sauce was silky smooth and aromatic with the flavor of parmesan and cheddar. Guaranteed to delight the taste buds.


Chef Ashly suggested we try Burnt garlic Singapore noodles from the Chinese wok. And it has gone into my records as a classic stir-fry dish which I would happily have again. It was simply delicious, spindly, vibrant, curry flavored rice noodles with generously added vegetables has made its way into our hearts. Thanks to the Chef who suggested and the Chef who made it.


From the Indian counter, Chef Anand made Veg Kadai and garlic naan which is an all-time favorite for most of us. It is a melange of veggies in tomato gravy. With colorful and crunchy vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, beans and potatoes, it had an appetizing appearance and an even more appealing taste. Garlic naan was light, soft and finely chopped garlic enhanced the flavor of naan and was yummiest with Veg Kadai.

In between, Mr. Swami insisted on trying Black mask mocktail, his signature drink, a mix of mix berries, pineapple juice, fresh blueberries and a dash of lemon juice, garnished with whole blackberries. A wonderful mocktail , one must never miss this when at Fusion.


From the dessert section, I tried red velvet cake, pista and vanilla ice cream. Red velvet cake was so rich and delicious, leaving me with the impression that I never tasted a better red cake. And because it was Christmas week, Chef Ashly served us a complementary deconstructed plum cake.

There was a lot more I could not try, specially from Mangolian counter and sushi, I would definitely go back for more of Exe.Chef Amgad Zaki creations, the backbone of the chef squad. Special shout out to multi-tasking young chef, Jason, for playing piano, soulful & soothing, while we enjoyed our brunch. Chefs and attendants are vibrant, attentive, observant and gracious.


Indeed Chef Ashly is a high spirited man, greeting every customer and paying attention to their needs while suggesting dishes according to customer’s preferences. Chef Anand was concerned about our Seekh Kebabs getting cold since we were waiting for pasta at the Italian section. Honestly, they all made my day.

Fusion Friday Brunch is priced at AED. 149/person with all day pool access, a bottle of water. Mocktails are priced individually. Fusion is a great getaway from the city stress and to spend quality time with family and friends beside the private open pool.


Phone number: 04 4222111 (Table booking recommended)

Address: Podium Level, Ghaya Grand Hotel, IMPZ, Dubai



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