Blaze Burgers- The Burger Crafters

Thank goodness!!! The search for best burgers in town is over. Blaze Burgers from Bahrain has its presence now in JBR serving the best burgers ever. Located at the base of Sadaf Tower on the Walk, they do not just serve burgers but an array of sides, shakes and desserts.

Blaze burgers is a unique Burger joint in that they alter their menu to meet – and even exceed – everyone’s preferences and expectations. The reason is simple: customer satisfaction. And they do whatever it takes to achieve that, and take it a notch higher.

Interestingly, Blaze Burgers mapped out a path you must follow before you enjoy your burgers.

You first read the below sign board and smile at it (lol).


You look at the menu and take suggestions from their staff (if needed)

You place your order.

Take your order queue number.

Choose your sauces from the rack.

IMG_3652 - Copy

Select your table.

Look around the restaurant.

Click few selfies with the graffiti walls.

Yay! Your order arrived!

Enjoy your meal and wipe your hands off with the burger crime clearing kit.

IMG_3653 - Copy

Leave the restaurant with a happy tummy.

Come back again with foodie friends and family.

There are mandatory rules that you need to stick to. See image below.

IMG_3704 (2)

I went to Blaze Burgers with my husband on a Saturday afternoon when we were both very hungry and thirsty.  We had decided to enjoy the tram ride so we parked our car at the Knowledge Village Station. Blaze Burger is just 5 mins from JBR 1 Tram Station. So, like us, if you want to avoid the traffic and enjoy the convenience, we highly recommend travelling by Tram.

We were attended by the restaurant manager, Karun, who is a warmhearted guy who loves to serve his customers, paying special attention to the vegetarian ones who easily run out of options. Since it was my first time at Blaze burgers, Karun assisted us with the process while Renuka took our orders. I like it when staff like him and few others (I did not notice their names) constantly ensured that clients enjoy the experience and their meals. I noticed that one of their staff was entertaining a customer’s baby so the mother can relish her food. That was the best thing ever!!!

We ordered Angry Fries with French Fries as base and Awesomeness Sauce (you notice the name?) from their home-made dips collection. It comes in a mini baking dish loaded with fries, spicy sauce, roasted peppers, warm melted cheese. Drooling yet?? I did enjoyed every bite despite it being spicy and hot. Perfect for winters. Sufficient for 2. A must-order dish.


Hubby was keen on Onion Rings. To be frank, they were the best onion rings I have had in Dubai. It was crispy, warm,  and at its best with the home-made dips.


We wanted to try Scoopers with Cajun so I combined mine with the sauces I picked from the rack, and Nuclear Mustard Home-Made sauce. Nuclear Mustard Sauce is for those who enjoy extra spice in their food. This will surely make you drink lots of fluids so be warned.

I ordered Triple Lime for myself and Orange County for hubby. I absolutely loved both the drinks. They were made fresh and chilled, perfect for extinguishing the heat from Angry Fries and Nuclear Mustard Home-Made Dip.  Triple Lime shall remain special to me for its mild lime and apple flavors that quenches your thirst deeply. Orange county was freshly squeezed oranges and grenadine with a sprig of rosemary.

From the Burger section, we ordered the only veg option on the menu in two ways-

  1. Portobello mushroom with Awesomeness Blaze in lettuce wrap.
  2. Portobello mushroom with Blaze Original in brown bun.

Porobello mushrooms come from Holland and the whole mushroom is grilled fitting the size of the buns. I was curious about lettuce wrap ever since I saw it on their menu. I wanted to stick on to whatever was available on the menu though Karun and chef was keen on preparing out of the menu – which was refreshingly thoughtful. Like I mentioned earlier, they are willing to go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Both the burgers tasted different though it was same. I personally liked the second option more than the letttuce wrap that I felt was more like a deconstructed salad, although tasty in its own way. Awesomeness Blaze is a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, American cheese, pickles and awesomeness sauce. But if you want that feel of eating a proper burger, brown bun is the right one to opt. Blaze original style comes with a thin sheet of cheddar cheese, pickled onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and burned cheddar.

Since their Ice cream machine was under maintenance, we could not order anything from their Dessert section. I will definitely go back for their Salty treats and Cookie blondie.

So for replacements of Desserts we ordered Cheese cake dry shake and Super Hero. Both of them from their shakes section. I was super-excited to try Cheese cake dry shake that was super thick, yum and the best part was digging in to find cheese cake chunks. Super Hero is certainly a star performer, not to miss when at Blaze Burgers.

Mr. Karun promised us for more veg options in the coming days and I shall look forward to trying the new options, though the Chef alters the menu for vegetarians, these creations have no name.  What more can one ask for from a restaurant?

Phone Numbers: 80025293, 00 42424523

Cuisine: Burger

Average Cost: AED 165 for two people (approx.)

Address: Sadaf, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai

More Info: Home Delivery, No Alcohol Available, Outdoor Seating, Wifi, Kid Friendly.


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