Abstract Love Art Show by Seth Benzel.

To an uninitiated, Art exhibitions are typically boring events that only weird people attend. And to some extent, that is true especially if the organizers failed to have other attractions that can somewhat feed the needs of all attendees regardless of their mindsets.
Thankfully, Seth Benzel was in the right crowd and did everything just about right that my companion and I left satisfied by the experience. First, my invitee seemed delighted to have been welcome by the host. It is always awesome to be welcome by a familiar face at events such as this, especially when the crowd seem thin. As I stood by watching the exchange of pleasantries, I was caressed by the soulful music compelling me to go in. Many are drawn by smell of food, some are google-eyed at amazing sites, while some others like me, never resist the sound of music. What better way to usher you into a launch!
It’s noteworthy that we glided through the entrance, were pulled towards the sound of music, and were arrested by the array of chocolate-y goodness in front of Chef Nabil. At that point, I knew the night was going to be a memorable one. Music, signature chocolates, and amazing art!
Vanessa who was our host pointed us straight in the direction of the Patchi chocolates infused with high end flavor collections by Delma. The assortment was so vast and beautifully confusing that we needed help knowing which flavor to try first. Thankfully, one of the lady organizers came bearing the tray with “Natural Infusion of Blueberries” which she admitted was her favorite. We also tried “Ceylon Rose and Mint”, “Pure Chamomile Flowers” and other flavors. But the winner for sure was the “Natural Infusion of Blueberries in white chocolate”
After feasting on chocolates and some bites, we did a quick scan of all the art pieces displayed to identify which ones speak to us more. To be honest, they were all exceptionally good and it was difficult to identify few ones to discuss while at the event. One of such pieces that completely arrested our attention was “Prelude”. We left and had to go back to it for another lengthy conversation. Although our interpretation of this impressionable art may completely differ from what the artist had in mind, it was indescribable the feeling we had while trying to unravel the real story behind this work. Believing what we saw on the painting to be a windy date night with choice wine and teasing intimacy was something spectacular. The color contrasts caused us to feel that there were mixed emotions involved despite the concession to still go with the flow. Overall, this particular piece was one we did identify with and although there were some aspects of it that we could not quite figure out. And definitely, is that not what art is suppose to be about?
We also feasted briefly on “Valore” as this seemed to catch the attention of many people that night. I do remember that a particular lady could not just not move away from it. It was a challenge getting her to move so we could at least take a picture. That’s how powerful people were drawn to it.
The other works had their own stories to tell, and we enjoyed the opportunity to gaze at them. It was thrilling to see people hang around the paintings and engage in conversations about them.
Please permit me at this point to go back to the music. The saxophonist did a good job to the point that one of the attendees was practically dancing to the music. Selfishly, I wanted to dance too but we had to focus on the task at hand.


We can submit that the launch was grand, the event memorable, and the night was well spent. Many thanks to Seth Benzel, Pullman DCC, Ms. Vanessa, Patchi chocolates and Dilma.
– Co-written by Gbenga Akinlabi

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